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Commercial Building Projects
YMH designs and builds commercial properties for the discerning purchaser who is looking for a high quality, affordable solution. The rapid construction methods of around 14 weeks is done primarily offsite and the 2-3 weeks installation onsite ensure minimum disruption to the workplace.

Quality presentation, strong sturdy construction and individually designed to meet customer needs and expectations, YMH has built a wide range of commercial projects for;

  • Medical Centres
  • Training facilities
  • Neighbourhood houses
  • Portable offices
  • Kitchens
  • Recreation rooms
  • Meeting rooms

For any commercial application, YMH will design and construct an affordable solution to meet any requirements.

YMH is proud to be the contracted supplier of Manufactured Homes to the award winning Albury Lifestyle Village which showcases our livable designs, adaptable floor plans and quality construction that sets YMH apart from our competitors.